Shengda Sales Team Outdoor Training

2022-09-01 10:54

Companies to enhance staff cohesion and centripetal force and sense of honor, sense of belonging, to cultivate employees unity and struggle, positive passion and enthusiasm, building staff team spirit and team consciousness, on 23rd July 22 solstice held in xiamen to expand training base on the top of the "coagulation hearts meet force to co-prosperity" elite team outdoor development training activities.From the company's  elite took part in the activity.Melting the activity around the "team" and "challenge" two big topics, to exercise the strong will of employees, strengthen staff team cohesion and centripetal force as a whole.

It took the form of games, make employees undergo the self-confidence, the sense of responsibility, cohesion, dedication and cooperation spirit, innovative thinking and the method to solve the problem such as scene experience, feel the power of unity and solidarity in the game fun, make employees to self-knowledge, and inspire dare to struggle, dare to dedicated passion, from deep thought connect team spirit, strengthen the awareness and sense of responsibility.

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  "You have far more than you'll ever know" is responsible for this activity our trainer reference those famous words opened for the outward bound training, trainer firstly introduces the origin of outward bound training, and then through a series of lively activities create a team atmosphere, establish the basis of mutual trust.Game chants, chanting, cheers.Each project is completed, a victory cheers echoed through the entire range, will also expand training atmosphere to the peak!The blue sky, sparkling lake, the long castle peak, the players and the training ground smile exterior design.Eight all the strength of the team, each has his strong point, the ratio is not high, but in the process, what did you harvest, comprehension, thinking before work way and the behavior model for their own work how barriers, transmission distortion and for execution.At the end of each project we share the joy of success and the challenge of passion, and fully realized the team trust, effective communication, empathy, reasonable organization, leadership and executive ability and the team cooperation and work closely linked management consciousness and art, everyone to actively participate in the activity process, grasped the nettle and bold challenge, players come on each other, encourage each other, don't escape don't give up, all the team successfully completed the training of various development projects.

Through this training, we deeply realized the power of the team is huge: success belongs to each member of the team, if not every member in the team cooperation, joint efforts, a lot of things are hard to complete;Second, the difficulty is real, but tend to expand in the imagination, to conquer yourself is the first step to success!Again, more communication, share, good thinking and ideas can be perfected in the communication, to learn the perspective-taking, more shoes for others, more understanding and more caring.

Left the expanding training ground, returned to the wider working environment, as long as we play to the team spirit of mutual trust, expanding every piece of work as a training of a challenge, there is no can't overcome difficulties, no not solve the problem.

We believe that our tomorrow will be better!

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