Projects Of Science And Technology Success

2022-09-01 11:04

The morning of July 11, fujian provincial department of experts to the fujian province of fujian shengda machinery co., LTD to undertake major projects of science and technology projects, "stone CNC processing equipment research and development and application of" acceptance.

Project assessment team all by the provincial department of the high place, deputy director of the Zhou Linping, the expert group leader professor shu-wen Lin and so on various professional expert of a total of 6 people.

Jinjiang city technology bureau leadership accompanied by relevant department acceptance.

cnc stone machine

Shengda company chairman, general manager of longitudinal Sue yong-ding su, vice general manager and key members of the r&d team ming-hong xie jian-ming xu, a senior researcher, LanMingLiang YanShouHui comrades to participate in the project.

Project acceptance shall be presided over by weeks, deputy director of the experts listened to the ming-hong xie researcher reports to project research and development technology, reporting LanMingLiang on financial, economic and social benefits, and in strict accordance with the provincial science and technology major projects of 2017 acceptance work plan and the implementation of the project implementation, goal task output, economic and social benefits, talent training and final acceptance test platform construction, carefully review related information, production site, by experts questioning and discussion think: complete the project acceptance data are complete, detailed and reliable data machine developed by the product quality inspection institute of fujian province, technical indicators to achieve the project tasks agreed standard, conform to the requirements of the project acceptance, agreed to by acceptance.

stone calibrating machine

Implementation of the project is in fujian province department of national ministry of science and technology to promote the "intelligent manufacturing, numerical control generation" innovation driven one of science and technology plan of the special projects, is shengda company to undertake major science and technology research projects at the provincial level in recent years.The chairman of the board of directors of the company under yong-ding su, give full play to the r&d team of professional intelligence, wisdom, overcome the difficult and craftsmen power of the spirit, in the past three years, the various departments and employees in the company under the mutual coordination and hard work, has developed special nc system based on PC series of stone processing, has developed "CNC special line cutting machine", "nc heterotypic line polishing machine", "five axis nc heterotypic stone processing machine", improve the technical level of the stone processing equipment, research and development achievements won ten utility model patents, three computer software copyright, and training to develop the intelligent manufacturing CNC generation at the grass-roots level backbone nearly product research and development production services.

Research and development of new products in the autumn and spring of xiamen, head stone exhibition received the favor of many customers and orders, for the company, has created good economic and social benefits for the society.

Looking to the future, shengda company will take the national scientific and technological innovation driven, intelligent manufacture of the dongfeng what set sail, create brilliant!

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